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  It gives you a very professional image.

The better overall image you project to the audience, the more credibility they give to your message and the greater impact you can make.

  The message is consistent.

If your presentation is delivered more than once, by different presenters or by one presenter at different times, presentation technology gives each audience member the same experience each time.

  It is easy to change.

You can change the presentation easily, even in the middle of a session if that adds value to the audience experience.

  It is not as hard to use as you think it is.

The advances in technology have not only made the projected images much better, but the equipment and software has got much easier to use and easier to carry when travelling.

  It increases the ways we can reach our audience.

It is very easy to distribute electronic presentations on the Web, on disk, CD-ROM, via e-mail or even live across the Internet, increasing the number of people you can reach and your sources of revenue.

  Your competition is using it.

No matter what topic you speak on, there are some speakers who are already using this technology to impact the audience. If you are perceived to be behind the times, your message will lose credibility and you may start to lose income. One speaker told me recently that their clients were starting to make negative comments about this speakerís use of overheads when many other speakers were using the technology. This speaker is now having to adopt presentation technology just to stay competitive in the clientís mind.

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