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File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers are one of the oldest and most reliable methods of file sharing between computers. FTP servers and clients are available for all major platforms, including Unix, Linux, Macintosh and Windows. FTP servers offer advantages in reliability, security and efficiency, and offer good customization and configuration options. Access to FTP servers requires an FTP client. Paid and open source clients, both command line and graphical clients, are available for virtually all computing platforms.

  Command Line Clients

  • Type the command "ftp" followed by the name of the server. For example, "ftp," where "server" is the name of the server you wish to access.
  • Type your user name.
  • Type your password.
  • Type "ls" to get a list of files available on the server.
  • Type "cd directory" to change to a subdirectory. "Directory" is the name of the subdirectory. For example, type "cd images" to change the directory to a directory named "images."
  • Type "get filename.extension" to download a file. For example, type "get ReadMe.html" to download the file "ReadMe.html."
  • Type "put filename.extension" to upload a file. For example, type "put ReadMe.html" to upload the file "ReadMe.html."
  • Type "exit" to close the command line FTP client.

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